10 Tips Booking a Hotel

Double Room at The Garrack Hotel

Tips Booking A Cornish Hotel

1. Check your Hotel Is In A Quiet Spot

The Garrack Hotel And Resturant is a great hotel that is in an ideal location for all sorts of reasons, its not next to busy roads which is a major plus. This keeps the noise down, In many Hotels, you may feel that you can’t really walk anywhere, and stepping outside is just annoying but borderline dangerous, due to traffic, but not at the Garrack , its walking views and surrounding areas are beautiful and quite.

2. Check Your Hotel Has A Restaurant

The Garrack Hotel and Resturant has a fine food eating restaurant, its a very popular spot and the restaurant even if you’re not staying in the Garrack, is well positioned for a short walk too fast food stop offs, pasties, chips and other fast food can be found in St Ives. You can see various menus about the Garracks fine food eating restaurant if you look here.

If your Hotel has a restaurant then it is worth asking about the menu prior to the visit, sometimes you may have certain eating requirements that need investigation.

3.Transport Around The Hotel

The Hotel reception staff will direct you to bus stops if required { a few minutes walking distances from the Garrack if you are staying with us }. Really only about 10 minutes from the Garrack, you can find the St Ives Train Station that will take you out of St Ives to St Erth, from here you will find options to link with the national lines, OR pop off to Penzance.

It’s also very important to ask what taxi company are working in the area of the Hotel , a taxi might seem a little lazy, but often the options to get to various locations are only available via taxi, into town, to a venue, It may be worth asking. If you’re looking to get further afield it may be important to find out where the Airport is from your Hotel.

4. Disabled Access At Your Hotel

Some Hotels may have limited access for a wheelchair, the hotel may have stairs to bedrooms and due to Hotel dimensions, it may be difficult to have a lift. Sometimes the Hotel entrance may have high steps, it’s definitely worth asking if this is the case before booking your Hotel room, some Hotels have tricky doors to navigate in a wheelchair, check before you book.

5.Your Hotel Parking

Check out your Hotel parking, is it good and well sized? It may be that your car is too big to fit, you may find a limited amount of spaces, or hard to manoeuvre in. In rare cases, a Hotel may even charge for parking, or in certain cases, the Hotel may not have parking and local parking is the only option. Take care, If a hotel doesn’t have its own parking, the cost can be even higher in some places where you are forced to use private parking lots, and you have to worry about the car getting dinged or broken into — not to mention the hassle of having to find a spot every day which can be a real pain.

6. Check If Your Hotel Offers BreakfastBreakfast at the Garrack

Very often the actual per-night difference between a hotel that offers a solid continental or even a full breakfast included in the rate compared to one that offers a 23-euro buffet can be significant, to say the least. Sometimes it may be the Hotel will not even offer breakfast for whatever reason, this could be a real pain if you have to move on to a meeting in Cornwall or any other area in the UK.

You can find out this information about breakfasts on the Hotels website, or by calling the front reception desk directly. Since most people do prefer to breakfast at their hotel, this is an important question if you are concerned about your budget. Sure, If a Hotel breakfast is not available, you could always try to find an affordable cafe nearby, but you can’t beat a free hotel breakfast for convenience, definitely if its local Cornish produce such as eggs , sausages and yummy bacon.

7. Booking Your Hotel Trip

A tip is to book your Hotel via your Hotel reception , OR even still via the Hotel booking system , this maybe cheper, the Hotel will certainly prefer this than rather going into a 3rd party booking system such as Booking.com, or Travgo.

8. Has Your Hotel WIFI

Very important to check, as with breakfast, if you absolutely need internet access for whatever reason, you also need to consider it part of your nightly hotel budget when comparing prices, often it’s totally free. A hotel will offer this service at no charge and simply ask you sign up to its Wi-Fi, they may ask for your details, and also ask if its ok to send you newsletters in the process. Some hotels have now started charging for access per device, or sometimes allowing only two devices per paying customer which is unusual but can happen. If more than one person is staying in the room, this can become a problem very quickly, as most people connect with at least two devices these days (e.g., a laptop and a mobile phone). Check the fine print in your Hotels service charge, or check before you arrive!

9. Sign Up To The Hotel Rewards Program

Are you considering returning to that Hotel? Its often free to sign up for a hotel’s loyalty program, if they have one, and in some cases significant rewards kick in almost immediately, you will be amazing, it ranges from free drinks at the bar to free rooms even!. These can also include complimentary Wi-Fi, but also many “soft” small benefits that you might not even be aware of, front desk receptionists might give you a slightly better room, for example with a great view such as the Garrack Hotels room views which are fantastic!

10. Ask The Hotel Directly

This last Tip is a definite must do, if you have a hotel that is showing no rooms available, or even really high rates, lack of availability of certain special needs rooms -pet-friendly, accessible, which is also a great perf at the Garrack, you should call the hotel and ask directly. The front desk reception often has information about cancellations, additional rooms and more that may not immediately show up on hotel or booking sites, these can sometimes take time to show up!The Garrack Hotel Double Room

Don’t be afraid to ASK!

Even if you have a small simple question, such as how much does internet access cost? or Is breakfast included? a super quick call to the hotel can settle pretty much any doubts you might have. It may be also worth asking at the same time what the weather is like, or even whos on the reception when they arrive, putting a name to that person can be really helpful.

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