Surfing in St Ives

Surfing Schools in St Ives

If you on a visit to St Ives then try out some Surfing! sign up to a Surf School in St Ives and you could be in for a real treat , dotted around St Ives you will find opportunities to learn to Surf. Surfing came to St Ives after it was originally started in Newquay, some body have come back from California and learnt to surf. Our only main issues here in the UK is the water temperature, a wetsuit is a must, but do not fear, wetsuits will be available if you decide to go with a Surf School in St Ives.

When you first start Surfing

You will find Surfing can be very addictive , and Cornwall particular will be inundated with hundreds land locked Surfers very month, the Surfing bug usually starts once you can stand up and catch your first wave , with a wobble from then on you will be hooked! Once you have the basics its a long clean wave that you’ll be looking to get into, the white foamy wave is normally just the starting point.

Types of Boards for beginners

When learning to Surf in St Ives , most Surf Schools will give you a foam Surf Board that will get you going , they are soft for many reasons, good to stand on , light to carry , floating well , and if you take a surfing wipe out you will most likely not hurt your self too much.


Surfing Wipeouts

If you are new to Surfing then your going to take a wipe out or several, so be prepared for going under the water, lots, it can take quite a few goes t

o get to grips with standing up, and in fact staying on the Surf board while paddling , but with a good St Ives Surf School Instructor then you should be surfing in no time.

Surfing Beaches from the Garrack Hotel

From the Garrack Hotel and Restaurant its only a short walk into town , down the hill the main beach for Surfing will be Porthmeor , the fantastic beach of Porthmeor  is wear you will find St Ives Surf School they also offer Sea Kayaking, SUP and Coasteering activities all operate from our beachfront Watersports centre on the ‘Blue Flag’ Porthminster Beach. Overlooking St Ives Harbour, Godrevy Lighthouse and the Island, it is hard to imagine a better location to enjoy watersports in Cornwall.

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