Cornish Walks

Cornish Walks – St Ives

Summer Walking Holiday Trip

The Summer is apon us and as this lovely war sunny weather starts coming in , it may be time to think of walking excurstions around Cornwall, the Cornish landscape is totally wonderful around Cornwall.
Particularly good  trail walking can be found around the coast line of St Ives – with the Garrack Hotel a very short walk from most of best cliff top walks.Are you coming along with mans best friend? Your Dog?if so here at the Garrack Hotel we have a Dog friendly policy , dogs are welcome at the Garrack.

Cornish Sea Views

The views are outstanding from the Garrack Hotel and indeed the Cornish clift tops , looking out over the atlantic ocean often large ships can be seen , along with little ones! Also on a very good day , sometimes from north and south coast Cornwall Basking Sharks can be seen, these wonderfully large harmless Sharks can be clearly seen hoovering up plankton with there very large mouths.
In addition to basking sharks, and the large population of Cornish seals that are around many Cornish birds can be seen, these cheeky sea dwellers can often get up very close!

Cornish Clift Top Walks

Cornwall lan-dmass , stretches out into the Atlantic, and is surrounded by hundreds of miles of beautiful coastline, which means that not only is it an ideal pit stop point for many migratory species but it often has unusual bird visitors. Amazing birds that have been blown off course or over-shot their intended destination and end up staying in Cornwall for a while due to strong winds. Cornwall also boasts a much milder climate than the rest of the UK and a surprisingly wide range of habitats, with wonderful cliff top walks.

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