Barbecue season is back!

Every Tuesday & Saturday throughout the Summer served from 6pm-9pm

Join us in The Garrack’s garden for a relaxing summer feast.

The smell of grilling meat and fish, the chink of glasses, your friends chatting and laughing… It’s what summer Saturdays are made for.

Sizzling on the barbie are…

Succulent steak burgers, Kernow sausages, marinated chicken, Cornish mackerel fillets, and pulled pork.

Served with mushrooms, fried onions, buttery corn-on-the-cob, as well as salads and dips.

You can almost smell it already…

£15 per adult, £7 per child. Or £14 per adult and £6 per child if booked in advance.

Call us on 01736 796199 to book your place.