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Types of Sea Fish Restaurants St Ives

St Ives by the sea, a small town with a big heart – steeped in history. St Ives town is famous around the world for its picture scape coastline. The buildings and small beach in-lets around the town are also a fantastic holiday destination. And booking a room in a hotel for the weekend will simply be amazing, why not consider the Garrack Hotel.

St Ives Of Fishing Harbour

The Town of St Ives has long since been famous for its fish restaurants and still is today. Fresh – super fresh fish from the sea, to the table almost in minutes. Going back many years fishing was pretty much all there was to support the townsfolk and St Ives Town families.

Many years ago the Pilchard was the fish of choice – just how long ago is totally unknown – but some of the earliest is as long ago as the 1600s – it was important to factor in the growth of ST Ives as a town , the Pilchard industry really did grow and more and more boats where produced for this type of fishing. As long back as the 19th century.

The Amazing Lugger Boats

St Ives Restaurants
Fish Restaurants in St Ives, Shot by KBrimson Photography

Lugger boats as they where know really did a lot of the work, these carried huge nets sometimes up to 30.

Many local families owned more than one boat – which were about 10m long bigger boats had been used for the mackerel and herring catches.

Types of Fish Caught For A Living

History tells us that many years before the town became famous the main fish catches where Sardines and mackerel these fish were found offshore in huge numbers, far easier to catch than possibly today’s stocks, and all caught with large nets and wooden boats:

Boat Making For Fishing St Ives

The Boats used for fishing were made in St Ives from large amounts of wood, this Cornish wood came from trees dotted around Cornwall. St Ives Fishing Disasters Over hundreds of years many boats have sunk off the coast of Cornwall. And hundreds of lives where lost, boats disappearing into the murky depths under the sea, many years ago not many St Ives people could swim, and therefore the fisherman death toll was much higher sadly. The St Ives RNLI has had many Lifeboat disasters, with well-documented stories of massive storms and brave St Ives crewmen lost out to sea.

Fish Restaurants in St Ives

Tucked away in the town you can find some wonderful fish restaurants where you can find great fresh seafood, all cooked with expert skills via the in-house chefs. In addition to the Fish restaurants, other food restaurants are available.

St Ives restaurants can cater to every taste and budget. Our mini guide to restaurants in St Ives of Cornwall offers anything from affordable restaurants to a top end restaurant. Explore wonderful flavours of the world at Italian, Mexican, Indian and Fish restaurants, many restaurants in St Ives do cater for special diets, such as halal or gluten-free. The possibilities for food and drink in St Ives are really good.

Generally, tables are at a premium in the summer or around holiday times so book in advance is advised, if you are a couple then it’s a little easier to grab a table, but it might not be the best table unless you get it reserved.

Restaurants that are worth a visit included in the TOP 11

Garrack Hotel Restaurant

The Garrack Hotel and Restaurant has among views and perfect for a romantic evening out.

Seafood Cafe

The wonderful seafood cafe has great fresh seafood, and the service is really great, tucked away off the seafront.

The Beach Restaurant

The great Beach Restaurant is situated close to the seafront, has superb sea views.

Harbour Fish And Chips

You can find really great fresh Cod as the main fish at the Harbour fish and chip shop.

The Beach Restaurant

A small and friendly place to eat at the Beach Restaurant, and a favourite spot for locals.

Porthminster Kitchen

The Portminster is a really great place to eat, super fresh seafood.

The Balancing EeL

The Balancing Eel has a very friendly welcoming, a smallish restaurant -but worth the visit. The layout is really nice with friendly staff.

The Loft

The Loft is a nice place to go for a friendly evening meal of fresh seafood, the seating is nice and a position in town is easy to find.


Truly wonderful fish and chip shop – with several locations, the closest to St Ives is in Hayle a small harbour town 10 minutes drive from the main Town and well worth the visit –

The Captain’s Table

This is the smallest restaurant but worth a visit – the seating and food of good with friendly staff.

Sharks Fish and Chips

Sharks fish and chips shop is a nice family run fish and chips shop:

If your interested in Fish and St Ives contact the Garrack Hotel and Restaurant for more info:

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