Visit Penzance Cornwall

Visiting Penzance Cornwall

Penzance in Cornwall is a town thats right at the end of Great Britain and not to far way from lands end, its a civil parish, and port in Cornwall, in England, United Kingdom. It is the most westerly major town in Cornwall, and you get get there by train! It is about 65 miles west-southwest of Plymouth and 255 miles west-southwest of London.If you opt for a train journey to Penzance your info a real treat.

Penzance from the Garrack

Staying in St Ives and hopefully the Garrack Hotel and Restaurant you will find its a short trip to Penzance , all B roads , so you see there is a high chance of meeting a slow tractor or two! The drive from St Ives to Penzance is really lovely, surrounded by green fields , rocky mini mountains and distance eye shots of the sea and St Michael’s mount.



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